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Newtown Edgmont Little League
The Flanigan Center Now Has Its Own Corporate Sponsors
By now you've probably seen the new colorful billboards hanging high inside the Flanigan Center. They've been hung in gratitude for the considerable donation our Flanigan Center Corporate Sponsors have made in support of Newtown-Edgmont Little League with the commitment to continue the same financial support for several years.

The NELL Corporate Sponsorship Committee is very grateful to our Flanigan Center Sponsors for their financial support which is helping NELL manage its budget for Flanigan center expenses while the Flanigan Center continues to be a great advantage to us for many years to come. We are also very grateful to all NELL families who recognize this support and who make take every opportunity to thank any of our NELL Corporate Sponsors for their financial support of our league.

In the event you have not visited the Flanigan Center in recent weeks, and not seen the new colorful billboards hanging high inside the Flanigan Center, a photo of each billboard is below.

We currently have fifteen Flanigan Center Corporate Sponsors with room for several more. So if you know of any business interested in making a similar commitment to NELL, which would be rewarded with a similar colorful billboard hanging inside the Flanigan Center year-round, please suggest to that business owner that they visit the NELL web site and click on the Corporate Sponsorship link to learn more about Flanigan Center Corporate Sponsorship in support of Newtown-Edgmont Little League.
We Acknowledge Our Flanigan Center Corporate Sponsors
Please share your gratitude for their support whenever possible.
2010 Flanigan Sponsors

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Flanigan Center Corporate Sponsors, who are helping Newtown Edgmont Little League boys and girls continue to enjoy another great year of Little League baseball on our great Fields of Dreams, by making considerable financial contributions to our league for years to come.
Bob Blaisse
NELL Board Member
Corporate Sponsorship Committee